Your Body Believes You

Did you know that your body responds to stimuli from outside and from within before your conscious mind becomes aware? Our complex bodymind system works as a unit, a hologram. Every part affects every other part. Energy healers, body therapists, somatic and body oriented psychotherapists have known this for decades. Ancient healing systems, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda and Yoga Chakra Balancing, have explored the connection of body, mind and spirit for centuries.Now, in the 21st Century, scientific research is catching up to what healers have known and worked with for years. Now we are beginning to understand the complex feedback loops between our thoughts, our emotions and the function and appearance of our body both internally and externally. Our thoughts are more powerful than most of us have ever imagined.First question for you to ponder is:How do you feel about YOUR BODY?
Do you love your body unconditionally, the way a loving parent or spiritual master would love you?
If your thoughts were food, how nourishing and healing are your thoughts?Believe it or not, your thoughts and your emotions do affect and alter the nourishment your body receives. In my Rosicrucian lessons many, many years ago, there was a statement I never forgot. I will paraphrase it here.If you feed your body the most incredibly nutritious and healing food but your thoughts and emotions are negative and wrought with stress and anxiety, you will not be able to absorb the nutrients into your system. On the other hand, if you feed your body what we consider junk food, food that is very low in nutritional value, but you are enjoying and savoring every bite in a totally relaxed state of mind, you will absorb whatever nutrients are available into your system.The thoughts and beliefs you carry in your subconscious mind, concepts you may not consciously realize, have a profound effect upon your health. Begin by becoming aware, moment to moment, of what you are consciously thinking and how your body is automatically responding.If you are talking to someone and you feel an instant pain in your neck, perhaps you are feeling put upon, burdened, or hassled in some way. If you are feeling intense pain in your back, you may be feeling as if your back is up against a wall or you are not being supported in some important aspect of your life.Your body speaks your mind. Pay attention to those messages. Listen and decipher the meaning. You can literally heal your body and your life by treating your body as your beloved best friend.How are YOU treating YOUR body today?

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